King conquers Volusia!

A pretty rough start that saw pole sitter Matt Rolfe sideways before getting through turn 1 would render itself an amazing finish. After Rolfe got shuffled out of the picture, teammate Joe Schaffer Jr would take control. For the next 88 laps he would pace the field, with Justin Wilson putting intense pressure on him during some long green flag runs. After finally getting position and by Schaffer with 12 to go, Brenden Queen would give Wilson a slight nudge in turn 1, causing Wilson to loose the car a bit and allow Queen to take the lead. But the fun wasnt over, as Queen would hit the inside wall with his nose, causing him to lose the lead to Mike King. The craziness wasnt done yet, however, as with the white in the air, Robinson was on Kings bumper and Thompson had faught back from early trouble to pressure both of them. In turn 3, Robinson would attempt to throw the slider, but King would slam the door and force Robinson to fend off Thompson. The 5th place starter would hold on to collect the 100-lap Mud Summer Melt Down qualifier, and he is now assured of a starting spot in the August classic!

The rest of the top-5:
1- Mike King (5)
2- Derek Robinson (11)
3- Justin Thompson (7)
4- Brenden Queen (6)
5- Aaron Daeffler (17)

Tonights heat winners were Zack Passen, Justin Thompson, and Greg Netherwood