Wilson breaks through at the Grove

For the first 6 weeks, Justin Wilson has been fast as all getout, but not able to get the finishes he needs. Finally after qualifying for the redraw, he would start 5th. David Fortsch would take the pole and for the first 48 laps he was lightning and holding off the field. Justin Thompson and Gabe wood were nipping at their heals, though, and Mike King was coming from 17th to battle along side with them too. But with 7 laps to go, Fortsch would bobble into turn 1, and he and Wilson would be door to door for a lap before finally Wilson snuck by. He’d go on to finally collect win #1 of the season at Williams Grove!

The rest of the top 5-
1- Justin Wilson (5)
2- Justin Thompson (8)
3- David Fortsch (1)
4- Mike King (17)
5- Gabe Wood (4)

Tonights heat winners:
Brenden Queen, Jami Russell, Gabe Wood