Wilson fights off a Thompson at Eldora

Gabe Wood would start pole after the redraw for the 84th time in 14 races it seems, but Zack Passen would jump out to the early lead in the 2nd Eldora 100 lapper of the season. With the field 3 and 4 wide, it seemed a yellow was soon to commence. But despite the amazingly hard racing not a fender was bent, and for the first 50 laps the field went clean and green. With the leaders hitting lapped traffic, though, and Justin Wilson just grabbing the lead from Passen 13 laps earlier, Passen would hit the wall collecting Bruce Perry and others. Only 2 more quick cautions would slow the field down, involving Colby Vance and Tyler Reed, but for the final 38 laps we’d go green. For a 100 lap event that saw some big movers such as Justin Thompson and Jesse Enterkin, it was coming down to the last few laps. Wilson was desperately searching for grip with Thompson and Mike King coming hard. But as the checkered flew, Wilson was in front with Thompson and King under a blanket behind him. It was Wilsons 2nd victory of the season!

The rest of the top 5-
1- Justin Wilson (4)
2- Justin Thompson (11)
3- Mike King (5)
4- Jesse Enterkin (8)
5- Brenden Queen (6)