Queen fires first at Kentucky

The first race of the Chase is in the books, and Josef Miele was staring one of his best tracks in the face. He’d go out and grab the pole, and even set the fastest lap of the race. Leading the first 50 laps, it almost appeared as if he’d run away with it. Brenden Queen had other thoughts, and would capitalize on a restart bobble by Miele to snag the lead. Did Queen have it easy up there? Not a chance. Colby Vance was on a tear. Despite losing almost 2 seconds early in the run, Vance was hammer down the last 30 laps of the event, and was slowly chipping away at Queens lead. If the race was 100 laps, he’d have caught him without question, as the last 10 laps he was lightning. But Queen built up just enough of a lead to hold him off, taking the victory by a scant .6 of a second to start his Chase off right!

The rest of the field:
1- Brenden Queen (3)
2- Colby Vance (8)
3- Josef Miele (1)
4- Patrick Hahe (12)
5- Gabe Wood (10)