Queen prevails as Netherwood sputters!

Brenden Queen was hoping for redemption after the last 3 races, including a wreck at Talladega last week. But tonight things got interesting as the laps wound down. A spat of early yellows would give way to a 55+ lap run to the finish, with all but 2 drivers making the dive onto pit road. Josh Kotten would take the gamble, as being at the back of the chase he had nothing to lose. The other was Greg Netherwood, who hasnt won since the spring of 2015. Kotten was clutching on corner entry, and that allowed Netherwood to close the gap and take the lead with 9 to go. Spotter communication was not working for Netherwood so he was taking a wicked gamble staying out. Sure enough, the roll of the dice would come up snake-eyes. Queen was 4 seconds back as the white flag flew when Netherwoods fuel pressure gauge turned red and the engine went to sputtering. He’d pull to the inside and Queen would motor by to victory!

The rest of the top 5-
1- Brenden Queen (1)
2- Josh Kotten (9)
3- Nick Leitz (7)
4- Greg Netherwood (22)
5- Charlie Ryan (3)