Donations Always Welcome!

As many of you know, racing isn’t cheap. And that extends to the virtual world, as well.

Since our inception in 2011, costs for the Can-Am Racing Series have almost in its entirety been shouldered by its administration. Sure, when we have had broadcast races, sponsors have picked up the tabs for some of them. But, website costs, server costs, prize costs, design costs, these are all things that have come up at various or regular times throughout the 5 year existence of our amazing organization. And unfortunately, those costs are going nowhere but up.

To give a brief overview of the types of  costs we accumulate on an annual basis, and what we are looking at heading into 2017:

1- Server Hosting – Between $1.50 and $2.00 per race. Weekly, we host a minimum of 1 race, and in 2017, it will be between 4 and 6 when we add in the upcoming Dirt expansion. With the average cost of races being ballparked at $1.80 per race, with 4 per week, times 52 weeks? We’re looking at $375 per year.

2- Website Hosting – Luckily we got away from GoDaddy (THIEVES!!!), but our gracious host, Doblehosting, still charges us approximately $30 per year.

3- Prizes for our members – In years past, we gave trophies to our Champions. We stopped in late 2014 after costs just became too much to bear. With 2017 upon us, we have a few plans in the works for prizes not only for our Champions, but for other members as well. That will run us approximately $200 for the year.

4- Teamspeak Server Hosting – Our members utilize this at all points and times during the weeks. We constantly see a steady stream of members in and out through the day, using their own team channels and our default channels to their hearts delight. But, a 35-man server is not cheap. That costs CARS $16.50 per month, or $198 per year.

5- Race Broadcasts – While we do not do these often, we have spent approximately $200 per year the last 4 years in doing a handful of shows per season. We intend on broadcasting much more in 2017, as far as costs will allow. So we’re looking at approximately $400-500 this year alone.

Total approximate costs for the 2017 Can-Am Racing Series: $1,303.00

As you can see, those are just the static operating costs for 2017. We haven’t even touched the fluid costs we may incur that can be another $100 or more. Some other things may end up to be cheaper than we anticipate, so that number can drop a bit, or those things can increase in cost for 2017 and we can reach higher than we anticipate.

The point we’re reaching here, is that this league has always and will always continue to be FREE OF CHARGE for any driver that wishes to participate. This is our biggest credo, and we will never abandon it. Since we first incorporated in 2011, it was our solemn vow that no driver will ever be forced to pay a fee to ever take to our tracks in a sanctioned race.

However, with all that said, we are always hopeful that a driver or two that has enjoyed their time with us, would be so kind as to pitch in once in a great while towards the costs of keeping their “play ground” above water. The CARS administration loves its drivers, and loves its weekly races, and the absolute joy it seems to bring the multitude of drivers that take to our tracks. Seeing drivers tweet and put on facebook how proud they are to get that win, or that crucial top-5, and even the heartbreak of watching a win slip away…. Those are all amazing things we are so thankful to have here at CARS. But, they do not come cheap.

So while we will never charge you a dime to enter our races, or use our Teamspeak, or win our titles…. We certainly wouldn’t mind if you donated once in a while, to ensure that all those races, that Teamspeak, and those titles are still there for the taking in 2017 and beyond.

For those of you that choose to donate, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts! We love you for it, and we assure you that every penny you donate will go right back into the league almost as soon as we receive it. Every little bit will help, we assure you!

For those of you that choose not to, we still love you, and we still look forward to racing you each and every week.

Again, thank you all for choosing the Can-Am Racing Series, today and beyond.

Happy Racing!!!

Recent Donations
02/22/17 – Aaron Daeffler – $15
02/20/17 – Gregg Richardson – $25
01/19/17 – Chris Cable – $25
12/14/16 – Jim Ott – $10
12/5/16 – Rodney Haack – $25